Why do we love someone who can’t love us back? – My Explanation

LOVING SOMEONE WHO CAN’T LOVE YOU BACK We’ve all been there. Once in our life, we did this. The stupidest thing one can probably do. Why? I don’t know. Do you know? No one knows. This is not that kind where you’re hoping, he... or she can love you back. In this, you know. He … Continue reading Why do we love someone who can’t love us back? – My Explanation


Played with SVP

So... I played with my newly installed Sony Vegas Pro 14 Edited out JK&JM's Own It Dance Cover. (I mirrored and Cut it using SVP even though I can pretty much do that with Windows Movie Maker lmao) Click here to watch~


010317 KPOP CONVENTION YEAR 8 yey It's not my first time attending KCON, my first was last KCON5 with my bestfriend ♥ We looked like this back then: omg the cringe is real We looked like this now: still cringy haha So this year's KCON was alright- It was fun, there was a lot of … Continue reading KCON8


I spent 7 hours outside today. First, I went to the mall and looked around~ and then, I went to my one and only favorite Caf?. It felt good going outside since I'm always locked inside my house, but then the rain started pouring. It made me feel like I should go home. It's like … Continue reading 121216