Destin 8037 + Iring Set by Stand by RM

This post is late, but I wanna share this anyway.

I ordered StandbyRM-nim’s Birthday project for Rapmonster which is Destin 8037 and the Iring set via ARMY Pickles because they are the Group Manager for my Country.

I’ll show you the Previews first before the actual ones that I got.

I also ordered the Iring set, and these are the previews


For the Destin 8037, I ordered Set D which have almost everything but the bracelet, and these are everything that I got:

That’s everything that I got~ The photos have @JAPKOBITO credits, that’s my Instagram for my merches~

I’m not into ordering fansite stuffs, I mean- If I’ll get them for free, i’ll take it but I won’t buy them, but this is because It’s for Rapmonster’s birthday, so I supported! Everything for my beloved ♥

This is btw all the gifts StandbyRM-nim gave to Rapmon~





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