Why do we love someone who can’t love us back? – My Explanation


We’ve all been there.

Once in our life, we did this.

The stupidest thing one can probably do.


I don’t know.

Do you know?

No one knows.

This is not that kind where you’re hoping, he… or she can love you back.

In this, you know. He just… can’t.

He won’t ever.

We know, we’ll just get hurt.

We’ll get nothing.

Just… pain.

So much pain, hopelessness and sometimes, even depression.

But we still choose to continue.

Continue loving from a far, or even from close.

Even though we knew that it’s not it.

It’ll be never that.

It’s just… not meant to be, ever.

Then why are we doing this?

Some say, it’s because we got addicted to the pain.

I don’t know…

Then why am I still not used to the pain when I’m addicted to it?

They say, There’s lots of fishes in the sea.

But we’re not some kind of fish, we’re mammals.

Specifically, Human.

Again, why are we doing this?

I say, what if… it makes us happy doing this?

“There’s tons of fishes in the sea”

So, If I’m a fish and he’s a fish, what if there’s only the two of us?

What if we’re in an aquarium, we we’re pets and our owner tried to pair us up, but-

We’re kind of a Moorish Idol, but his true love or his mate for life is not me.

Our species have only one mate for life. Forever.

I’m loyal to him, but he on the other hand is loyal to his mate and obviously, that’s not me.

She’s out there in the ocean, waiting for him to come home.

That’s why, he just can’t do it.

He can’t love me back.

He won’t love me back.


Sad right?

Well, that’s life.

Romance-Tragedy is a genre for some reason.

Sometimes, feelings are just not worth fighting for.

Who are you even fighting?

Why are you even fighting.

I lose in a non existent battle I made up.

Just because I have this feelings called love for this person.

For him.

Funny what feelings can make someone just do.

Let’s be happy loving him on our own.

I can say, some of them are a little bit of God at times.

We love without expecting anything in return.

But we’re contended and happy.

We’re just happy this way.

Loving in our own way.


Thoughts while waiting for my burger at Euphoria Cafe – February 21, 2017


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