Simbang Gabi



It’s 2017 and.. yeah- Happy new year? I’ve been wanting to do this but- Internet says no lmao.


So I attended last year’s Simbang Gabi. It’s not my first time tho, I remember attending once when I was a kid, but I almost completed it this year. Almost.

Simbang Gabi is the 9 midnight mass starting from December 16 to December 24. It’s a mass preparation for the arrival of Jesus Christ for Catholics.

People go and try to complete the 9 mid nights of Simbang Gabi because there is a myth that if you completed it, you can wish and your wish will be granted.

It is Simbang Gabi when everybody thought that attending the 9 mid nights means you completed it, but no. Father Ben said that attending 9 mid nights doesn’t mean you completed it, but you still have to attend the 7pm mass of December 24 or the mass on the 25th on the Christmas day itself. and.. I attended neither of those. Disappointed with my self, but it gave me the reason to do it again next year as well.


Did I wish for something before I decided to attend the Simbang Gabi? No I didn’t.

Well, I’m unemployed and not studying, meaning I have all the time of my life, and my mom told me that I should go attend the Simbang Gabi since i’m mostly alive at night to morning because I’m nocturnal af.


So the night of December 15 came and later, it’s the first day of Simbang Gabi, and I thought, mom’s right. instead of browsing the slow ass internet why not give some time and attend the mass? So I attended the first mass, I went with my youngest sister, we attended the first mass at 3:30 AM PST (Timezone +8) we arrived pretty early since the Church is a 10 minute ride from home, we sat near the altar so we can have better view, and so we could pay attention more, because the back of the church is pretty packed by teen-agers who went to talk to their friends? We call them the ‘Simbang Tabi’, ‘Simbang Labas’, ‘Simbang Date’ lmao

I don’t know, I’m only 18, but- those teen-agers, I cannot. I can’t handle it. That area is too noisy for me. So we pretty much seated on the front where most of the adults and senior citizens are lmao #NoRegrets we indeed payed much attention even though it annoys me because my sister would fall asleep, for a while.

We also attended the following mass, and the following, until we made it till the last mid night mass on the 24th.

We pretty much sat at the front on all of the days. Still, #NoRegrets


And everyday, i would take at least 3 pictures that I can post on my Instagram because Insta is Lifeu, but I deleted them last Christmas, like almost all of my post- because I want to start a new ‘feed’ haha.


That was pretty much it. Simbang Gabi was fun, Father Ben was a lively and fun Father? I guess..

Here’s some of the Photos I took in all 9 mid nights~


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