It’s not my first time attending KCON, my first was last KCON5 with my bestfriend ♥

We looked like this back then:


omg the cringe is real

We looked like this now:


still cringy haha

So this year’s KCON was alright- It was fun, there was a lot of D.O/BTS/Seokmin merch I can’t afford because broke as broke- but the experience is still worth it lmao.

The day of KCON, I’m not in the mood like wtf I wanna murder my self or everyone and then my self. I can’t find a nice clothes to wear, my mom’s taking so much time before going out. We’re just sneaking out so we have to wait till she left lmao.

So I asked my sister, do you still wanna go? she really wanted to go.

I asked my bestfriend, do you still wanna go? she wanted to go as well.

So not feeling my self, I grabbed anything that i can wear not paying attention so much on how I will look like because idgaf anymore. I’m ugly anyways what’s new right? haha.

And we travelled to Manila, we’re from Cavite so the travel time really depends on the traffic but it’s pretty much 1-2 hours.

We almost got lost because we don’t know how to go to the venue, luckily the driver is kind enough to drive us at main gate of the venue, and I’m telling you, the whole standing in the crowded bus feeling like one of a sardines is worth a different blogpost so let’s give it a rest.

Oh yeah, and we arrive it’s almost the time when it will end but we still have to pay entrance fee to get in. I saw some friends and some familiar faces and I even saw a Kpop Group, the name’s Offroad. I knew about them since Daewon, Ex-Mydol and supposedly Vixx member was a member of it, I will say, he looked much better today than in Mydol days lmao.

I even got a bias in Offroad lmao. he is that bubbly rapper with the stage name RK? not so sure I’m not that interested lmao.

Yeah KCON’s fun.

We went to the Sea side of MOA after wards, talked about some memories, looked at the dark ocean -_- and went straight home.

Here’s some pictures.


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